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Encore USA Scientifics
A very new company with very old products
Encore comes much closer to a proper name for a company peddling old ideas. We had originally considered Eureka, but decided it to be inappropriate and misleading.  We hadn’t invented the wheel, we just rediscovered it. An encore moment, but hardly eureka. Eureka happened long ago. Encore is now, and in our case, pertains to the eye-opening rediscoveries of the dazzling wonders concocted by the scientific geniuses of old, to help solve the mysteries of their day, and the other stuff bugging them.

Their inventions, devices and incredible discoveries are what we plan to reintroduce to you and the world in our own extensive and diversified versions of those old things.

The objects we’ll produce for your pleasure wont be copies of the things those great intellects created back then, but rather our own interpretations based on warm, fuzzy inspirations we get from their original scientific gifts to us. 

To drop a few names: we’ve mused with Brahe, Foucault, Galileo, Newton and other wonderful types.  We’ll produce a clepsydra, a heliochronometer, and a planetary orbiter, to name a few. All are accurate and functional. There’ll be a Magdeburg sphere too, plus three different versions of electrostatic generators.

As of now, there are over thirty stimulating products in research and various stages of development, and counting. This includes a magnificent armillary sphere and all of its radiant variations, (we started R&D on this one in 1990). There’s even an earthquake detector a Chinese genius devised a thousand years ago. What’s more, it works! 

As soon as were ready we’ll toot our Internet horn to let you know what’s up, and how to get yours. 


Encore Scientifics will be designed and produced in the good ole U.S.A., with our promise to you of accuracy, dependability, elegance, enjoyment, quality, usefulness and all yours at a fair price.  So prepare for pleasant surprises and even a eureka or two in your own delightful encore discovery.
Log on to encoreusascientifics from time to time for our announcements. We’re convinced you’ll like what you see, and more so, you’ll just have to have one--kit or assembled. We’re looking forward to introducing our first offering to you ASAP. Thanks for paying attention. Thanks for your patience.

Al Boyd            CEO

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